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Parable in a Podcast in about 60 seconds.

To better understand PIPs, let’s first take a look at the classic definitions of a PIP.

Definition of a PIP

Pilates Preacher PIP - Apple Seeds - red applePIP (noun)

a. a small seed
b. the dots on dice or dominoes
c. the figures that show the suit or value on playing cards


a. an example of a pip is an apple seed
b. an example of a pip is a heart on the 2 of hearts playing card


a. a person or thing much admired

Pilates Preacher PIP - pineapple pipOrigin:

a. a starlike shoulder insignia worn by certain officers in the British army
b. any of the diamond-shaped divisions of the skin of a pineapple
c. a single rootstock or flower of the lily of the valley

PIP’PING (adverb)

a. to peep or chirp, as a young bird

Pilates Preacher PIP - baby bird pipPIPPED (verb)

a. to break through (the shell), as of a hatching bird

Listen to Some PIPs

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What a PIP!

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